You are my other me.

So much fear and animosity. So many misunderstandings and assumptions. What happened to us? Why are we so polarized?

Sensationalism. Clickbait headlines. False narratives. Half truths. Agendas behind agendas behind agendas. How do we know what’s real anymore?

Are we doomed to a perpetual tug of war contest? Is it our egos that give us this false sense of purpose? We have become a world separated by labels. Our unique individuality dissolves into one group constantly pitted against another group. Out of fear.

We are giving our power away. Reaching out for something that we’ve had within us this whole time. We aren’t doomed to a life where our environment defines us. We have the innate ability to define ourselves, which then impacts the environment around us. We have more power than we realize.

It’s not power to control others or rise to an influential political role. It’s power to transcend this myopic scene of anger and division. It’s power to forgive and to never loose hope. And it’s the power to see yourself in others and others in yourself.

In Lak’ech
You are my other me.

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