We Are One, We Are Stardust


In 1971, Edgar Mitchell and two other astronauts embarked on the third human mission to the moon. On February 5th 1971, Edgar Mitchell became the sixth person to walk on the moon. After nine hours of working on the Moon’s surface, the astronauts began their long journey home.

I had completed my major task for going to the moon and was on the way home, and was observing the heavens and the earth from this distance. Observing the passing of the heavens. As we were rotating, I saw the Earth, the Sun, the Moon in a 360 degree panorama of the heavens.

The magnificence of all of this. What this triggered in my visioning, in the ancient sanskrit, is called samadhi समाधि. It means that you see things with your senses the way they are. But you experience them viscerally and internally as a unity and a oneness accompanied by ecstacy.

All matter in our universe is created in star systems. And so the matter in my body, the matter in the spacecraft and the matter in my partner’s bodies was the product of stars. We are stardust, and we’re all one in that sense.

– Edgar Mitchell (1930-2016)

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