Five Things That Happen When You Become A Lightworker

Are you a lightworker?

You might be one without even knowing it. A lightworker is a being who has dedicated itself to the growth and promotion of the inner presence and awareness in the self and in others. They are advocates of healing, and like to think that they are capable of detecting healing energies. They oftentimes have had some form of spiritual awakening, be it in this life or a past life.

These people will come off as having a heart of gold; they’re full of warmth and love. Here are five things that happen when you become a lightworker:

1. Your empathy becomes empoweredWhile everyone in the world demonstrates some level of empathy, certain individuals are inherently more empathetic than others. Lightworkers are those who have an incredible sense of empathy toward others.  They are more capable when it comes to detecting emotions in others, as it is part of their yearning to heal those who are damaged.

2. You lose conformityYou become indifferent toward the labels that people give you. Rather than subscribe to any one social identity, lightworkers do not feel the need to label the aspects of their lives.  You don’t dress like a certain group of people, you don’t act in a certain way to give off a certain message; even racial and sexual identities fall away.  You simply exist in your being.

3. You feel on a deeper levelThe world of a lightworker is fraught with emotion and feeling.  They are empaths in a very true sense of the word: they are capable of fully experiencing what others are feeling as if you had somehow become that person in that moment.  

4. People become drawn to youLightworkers are beacons of light in a world full of dark.  People are attracted to them because of the way light emanates from them.  It’s easy to spot a lightworker because they’ll come off as an old friend; someone that’s known you for years.

5. You do not fear deathLightworkers lack a fear of death, as they understand that death has it’s place in the world, just as everything else does.  It is inevitable and natural.


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